Carers' Rights Day 2011 - Money Matters

Families across the country are struggling with high household bills and worries about jobs but families affected by illness and disability can struggle more than most - as they struggle with the additional costs of caring and often lost earnings as a result of illness and disability.  This means that there has never been a more important time for carers to know their rights and access all the financial and practical support they are entitled to. 

The theme for this year's Carers Rights Day is simple: Money Matters - because without support, we know that carers can end up in debt, struggling to pay essential bills and sometimes sick with stress.

Come along to the Noble Centre on Friday 2nd December between 12.30pm and 5.00pm to find out about

  • Benefits and allowances for you and the person you care for
  • Energy saving advice and home  repair grants
  • Managing and dealing with debts
  • Social activities and support groups
  • Employment and learning opportunities

You can also book a free NHS health and cholesterol check  (subject to eligibility) by calling Jo on 020 3031 27541


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