YoungMinds is working with NHS England to support the participation of parents and carers in improving mental health services for children and young people.

The Children and Young People’s Improving Access to Psychological Therapies programme (referred to as CYP IAPT) within NHS England recognises that parents have a critical role to play in shaping and informing the services that are offered to children and young people.

YoungMinds will be working with the CYP IAPT National Programme Team and the five regional hubs that currently work with 82 CAMHS partnerships (this includes Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services, CAMHS, in the NHS, voluntary organisations and local authorities and includes the 15 new partnerships recruited in 2014) to develop excellent practice involving parents to improve:

  • joint decision making around the type of treatment received by the child or young person
  • availability and accessibility of services
  • overall experience and opportunities to feedback and comment on services

YoungMinds will work with all of the partners involved to ensure services take on board what parents say about what works to improve service delivery on the ground. All materials and resources will be co-developed and tested thoroughly with parents.

YoungMinds will be developing and publishing an online toolkit that will help services build the case for, and implement, effective parent participation.


Key themes emerging from initial research and conversations with parents are presented in a short powerpoint presentation.

YoungMinds have grouped the experiences and ideas under 5 headings:

  • Communications
  • Access and Equality & Diversity
  • Leadership and Service Development
  • Workforce development
  • Engagement methods.


YoungMinds are looking for parents to be involved in this work with us to help shape and inform what they do.


13:44, 11 Apr 2016 by Jo Cocup