Carers' Wellbeing Project

Taking a break is vital to help carers to manage the impact that caring has on their lives.

The project supports carers to access opportunities that will promote their health and wellbeing including work, training, education leisure and social activities.

This year we ran a total of 9 trips and 14 wellbeing activities for adult carers.  86% of those carers surveyed said the project made them feel less isolated and 91% reported benefitting from the emotional support received.

Superhighways partnership developed a much needed basic IT training programme for 49 carers. Find out how the training helped carers.

Partnership work included an Iris Murdoch project for carers run by Kingston University and a creative writing course for carers delivered by Kingston Adult Education.

Carers singing project

Two of our most popular activities were a singing course and belly dance workshops

Belly dancing workshop

The service provides:

  • One to one support for carers to help identify personal aspirations to enhance their life outside caring

  • Information on courses

  • Guidance to access work and training opportunities

  • Information and advice to carers about services and resources available

  • Up to date information on social activities, leisure and training







Beth Salisbury
Wellbeing and Inclusion
Project Co-ordinator

020 3375 8227


Impact on Carers

Carers outing to Isabella Plantation

"in terms of my own health i feel the project has a positive effect & you always learn something new"

Photography workshop at Kew

"I do not feel so isolated since joining KCN"


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