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This has been another year of moving forward and continuing our support to the very special children and young people in the Royal Borough of Kingston who have inappropriate caring responsibilities for a family member. We have received 91 new referrals during 2013/14  and at the end of March, 2014, our Project had 321 young carers registered.

We had our busiest year ever of activities. 151 activities were provided and attended by 1448 young carers! 

This summer activities included the Dragon Boat Race, Drama week, Fishing trip, Pharmacy workshop, Visual arts workshop, Battersea Park, day at the seaside, YMCA residential in Wales, Horse Riding, Camping and many more.

Read more about these activities and their impact on young carers.

We also provide services to schools and professionals who work with young carers. 

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 Are you a young carer?

Young carers are children and young people under the age of 18 who help look after a family member. It may be a parent, brother, sister or grandparent.

The person you help may have;

  • a physical illness or disability
  • mental health problems
  • a sensory impairment
  • learning difficulties
  • a drug or alcohol addiction


What does a young carer do?

Young carers often take on practical and/or emotional caring responsibilities that would normally be expected of an adult. These responsibilities can include;

  • practical tasks such as cooking, shopping and cleaning
  • helping with medication and personal care
  • looking after younger siblings such as taking them to school
  • interpreting for parents
  • worrying about everyone

It’s not always about what a young carer has to do; they can miss out on a lot as well, due to parents being busy, or emergencies taking precedence. Often young carers feel isolated, unsupported, and that no-one listens to them. 


How can we help you?

  • Fun!
  • Friends!
  • Advice!

Whatever you do to look after the person in your family the young carers' project can offer you;

  • Fun activities, outings, workshops, trips and days out
  • Someone who will listen to you when you need it, and is on your side
  • Information and advice
  • New friends

Although we may not be able to reduce all the young carers roles, responsibilities and worries, we can at least give them some more positive aspects of caring. 

Read the stories of two of the young carers we have helped.


Our project is growing! Carol Harvey has now joined us in her new role as family support co-ordinator. She will be working with the whole family for a 6 month period to help reduce caring responsibilities aid with financial or legal matters and much more. 

We are soon going have another support worker in place as well, so can increase the amount of support we offer to the increasing amount of young carers on our list.  


Contact the Young Carers' Project

Diane White
020 3031 2754

Liz Grimwood
020 3031 2754

Andora Wild
020 3031 2756


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 "He benefited greatly from the support.  He seemed to value himself more because he saw someone valued him.  The relationship and the time given has been invaluable.  Thank you (more than words can say" Parent

Haloween party Oct 2013

 "Sometimes it's difficult being a young carer and I find it hard to talk about emotions. The one to ones give me a chance to chat about things that I find hard to talk about." - Luke (aged 15).


"I want to say thank you for all the support you are giving to Lucas and me. We have felt so much less alone because of it." - Lucas' mum 

young carers crazy golf

"The Young Carers Project has allowed me to have a break from home and meet other young people who are also caring for various reasons. It's so important that funding continues so that young carers in the future get the same support as I am getting." - Bruce (aged 15)


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