Carers' Assessments

At Kingston Carers' Network, we understand the incredible dedication and love that unpaid carers like you pour into the lives of your family members or friends who require care. We recognise that your role as a carer can be both rewarding and challenging. That's why we're here to support you every step of the way. On behalf of the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames (RBK), we can carry out a Carers Assessment; a process designed to understand and evaluate your unique needs and circumstances as a carer.

A Carers Assessment is a formal assessment of your needs as a carer and an opportunity for you to express your own thoughts and concerns. It allows us to understand the invaluable care you provide and the impact it has on your life. By taking the time to look at your situation holistically, we can develop a clear picture of the support you require, ensuring that you receive the support you need to continue caring while maintaining your own well-being. 

A Carers Assessment is your chance to have your voice heard and your needs addressed. By having an assessment, you open the door to a range of support services, resources, and practical assistance that can make a significant difference in your life. From accessing tailored advice to receiving vital information on local support groups and services, a Carers Assessment empowers you to thrive in your role and enhances your ability to provide the best care possible.

If you provide regular care for someone aged 18 or over, regardless of your relationship to them, you are eligible for a Carers Assessment. The person you care for must live in the Royal Borough of Kingston upon Thames in order to have an assessment from Kingston Carers' Network.

If you are caring for someone under the age of 18, you can request a Parent Carer Needs Assessment from Achieving for Children.

Taking the first step towards a Carers Assessment is easy. Request a Carers' Assessment online and our team will be in touch to arrange a convenient time for your assessment, which can take place face-to-face or over the phone, depending on your preference and circumstances. Due to the high demand for support, there is approximately an eight to twelve week wait for Carers' Assessments.

The assessment will last about an hour and we'll explore various aspects of your caring role including:

  • your role as a carer
  • how you feel about caring
  • whether you're able or willing to carry on as a carer
  • your health
  • your work
  • other caring responsibilities
  • what you enjoy doing in your free time

This is your opportunity to speak openly and honestly about your caring role to ensure you are receiving the support you are entitled to. Rest assured, the process is friendly and confidential.

Once your assessment is complete, your personalised support plan will serve as a roadmap, tailored to your unique circumstances and needs. It may include access to relief care, enabling you to take some well-deserved time off and recharge or small grant to support you to take time for leisure and wellbeing activities. You'll also receive expert advice on financial benefits and entitlements as well as information on local support groups and organisations, ensuring that you're aware of the support available to you. 

At Kingston Carers' Network, we are committed to supporting you in your role as a carer. A Carers Assessment is just one of the ways we can support you. Contact us to request your assessment.