Kingston's carers contribute around £239 million worth of care each year to our local economy. As a professional, you will regularly come in to contact with carers although they may not always define themselves as such. Early identification and proper support ensures carers are better able to continue in their caring role.

The CQC says that by identifying, assessing and supporting carers needs, we can reduce avoidable demand on services and meet demand more appropriately, reduce carer ill health and promote positive carer health and wellbeing and reduce carer and family breakdowns. We need to make sure that carers are everyone's business and that all professionals think carer when planning any health or social care support.

"We have found Kingston Carers' Network a really valuable service. It's great for the doctors to be able to refer carers to the experts that can really benefit and make a difference to the carer"

- Practice Manager, Manor Drive Surgery

Working with local professionals is a significant step in addressing the needs of carers by improving recognition and helping carers access the right support. Kingston Carers' Network can attend team meetings and offer training in how best to support carers. Contact us to find out more.