Support for Male Carers

Group of men listening to talk in a field ready for scything

Welcome to KCN's male carers!

Many of our male carers have said that they felt they would benefit from access to an all-male support group and so we have launched a group for our male carers to get together, meeting online and in person.

We have regular online social meetings, where you can chat with fellow carers and participate in fun and/or informative activities such as quizzes, interesting presentations given by members of the Group, information/ advice sessions etc.

We have walks and other activities, with the occasional lunch or pub visit thrown in. Our first in person meeting was a fascinating guided nature walk and scything demonstration(!) (pictured above). We have a snooker session coming up and before too long we will go 10-pin bowling. Other activities will be arranged according to popularity.

No commitment - just attend as and when you can. We have new members joining us all the time, so please come along to one of our meetings.

For more information about the group, please contact Ian on or 07305 099 303. If you would like to be notified of new events, you can also sign up to reminders.