Older ladies exercising

Resistance and Core

Friday 12 July 2024
11:00 to 11:45

During this class Kat focuses on strengthening and toning your muscles while using differing strength of resistance bands. This class is usually followed by a social coffee.

All classes are suitable for all fitness levels. Kat is very particular about getting the technique perfect so her clients benefit as much as possible.

Prices and Booking
Exercise passes can be purchased by emailing wellbeing@kingstoncarers.org.uk or Helen at counselling@kingstoncarers.org.uk

4 classes - £14
8 classes - £28
12 classes - £42
Drop in/one off sessions - £5 per person

To book a class or for more information please contact Kat directly: on 07960 162964 or kat@kjpersonaltrainer.co.uk

Contact Layla
07818 878 931
Online via Zoom AND
Surbiton Racket and Fitness Club
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Cost £5