Hospital discharge service

We started our work to support carers on Keats and Kennet Wards in Kingston Hospital in December 2014. We have identified and spoken to many, many, carers since then. The type of support we have provided, ranges from general information and support for carers, information about how to access different benefits, advice on LPA, the financial impact of going into a care home as well as making referrals for assessment with the relevant local authorities. 

Our service has received a positive response from carers and we expect to be working closely with Kingston Hospital from November 2022 with our own outreach worker based at the hospital.

Feedback from professionals

A local GP said:

‘As a GP I have found your service highly accessible for client assessments and it seems to provide a well-rounded, whole person approach. This complements what we do in general practice. Working with your team has been refreshing and definitely helps with the support towards carers that really is not very forthcoming from other parts of the service. It’s a triple win situation for carers, the patient and me!’

Practice manager at Manor Drive Surgery:

"We have found the Carers' Network a really valuable service.  This is great for the doctors to be able to refer carers to the experts that can really benefit and make a difference to the carer"