Cold Weather Information and Advice

Staying warm and well in the cold weather

A snowman on a white sparkly background
  • Keep in contact with older or vulnerable family and neighbours. Take a few minutes to ask if they need any shopping or medicines and make sure they are warm and comfortable and can make all the difference.
  • These are challenging times with cost of living concerns, but Simple Energy Advice provides free advice and many organisations are opening their doors and offering ‘warm spaces’ to help keep you warm this winter.
  • Remember that cold weather makes us all more vulnerable to a range of winter illnesses such as flu, coughs, and colds, so please get your free flu jab and Covid-19 seasonal vaccine.


Top tips for keeping well during the cold snap:

  • Check on family, friends and neighbours who may be at higher risk of becoming unwell, and if you are at higher risk, ask them to do the same for you.
  • Check the weather forecast and the news.
  • Make sure you have sufficient food and medicine.
  • Take simple measures to reduce draughts at home.
  • Heat rooms you spend most time in, to 18C if you can.
  • Keep bedroom windows closed.
  • Wear multiple layers of thinner of clothing
  • If you’re eligible, get vaccinated against flu and Covid-19
  • Get help if needed. Call NHS 111 or in an emergency 999.


You can find more information on our website:

11:12, 30 Nov 2023 by Jo Maye