Kingston Community Library Service

This is a service for people who are housebound for whatever reason. They may be physically unable to get to the library or to carry their books home; they may have caring responsibilities and so don’t have time to go to the library. Membership may be permanent or temporary, some residents have recently joined following a hospital discharge and will enjoy a trip to their local library when they are stronger. Kingston Community Library Service are also recruiting new members from the shielding community as many are still reluctant to visit the library.

Kingston Community Library Service have started to deliver boxes of books to residents in their own homes. This will happen every four weeks, where possible. They discuss the books and authors that the member enjoys and put together a box of books, (standard or large print) or audio books on CD’s and after quarantining them for 72 hours deliver them to the doorstep.

Kingston Community Library Service have recruited some volunteers who are very keen to deliver and discuss books with residents and to help people who would like to join the online community. Katie Erskine and Diane Gregory joined the service in May 2020 and are looking forward to meeting all the residents.

If you or someone you know would like to become a member of the Community Library Service please contact the team at or call on 020 8547 6451 during office hours. If the team are out delivering books they will return your call when they get back.

12:10, 21 Aug 2020 by Lou Scarlett