Telephone Support

Learn how our telephone support helped a carer fill his days after his wife moved in to a care home.

Mr D was referred for emotional support after his wife moved in to a care home. He was very emotional during the first few calls, feeling very lost and not knowing how to cope or occupy his time. 

I suggested that he try our male carers’ group activities, which he did. He has been attending for some time now and is very much enjoying them. He is also considering joining the Reading Retreat following my suggestion. As well as regulalry attending our Tea & Toast sessions he has also enjoyed other KCN events including the Christmas party, days out etc. and the fitness classes where he has made friends. Benefits advice was provided to him by our Benefits Adviser during a Tea & Toast session. 

As the calls and weeks progressed, he said he is finding it easier to cope with the situation and feels less emotional. 

We have had eight telephone sessions so far with each call lasting around 40 minutes. The difference is amazing. He's come a long way from a few weeks ago when he didn’t have anything to do. Now he needs a diary to organise himself!