Janet is a carer who has been a member of Kingston Carers' Network for 8 years, participating in  many workshops and activities. She has more recently been  involved in our Working for Carers Project, to further develop her interest in journalism, and has a blog on  Wordpress on which she has published two articles.

"I have been writing for most of my life. Well, since secondary school, at least. 

I find creative writing therapeutic as it lifts the blues almost as if by magic. Perhaps, it's the distraction that it affords. 

My favourite length for a piece of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, is less than a thousand words.

I have never been drawn to writing a novel of around ninety thousand words plus. 

In fiction, I steer clear of violence and erotica. It's a challenge to write a love story without violence and erotica and I do so love a challenge!"

You can read Janet's articles here:





09:34, 22 May 2019 by Jo Cocup